Pick and Spin is your new way to play Pick’em for a chance to 500x your entry all for a simple spin of wheel!

The gameplay is simple:

1. Enter the Pick & Spin contest via the lobby
2. Make a 2 pick entry with players from different teams
3. Choose your entry fee and spin!

Want to improve the multiple on your entry? Spin again!

Each spin will create a new entry with a fresh chance at the wheel. You may continue to re-spin the wheel for the same entry up until the cumulative fees submitted reach the entry fee maximum.

Pay Table

The multiplier for each entry is randomly determined according to the probability tables below:

1/2 Multiplier
40 in 1,000,000
2/2 Multiplier
Wheel Frequency
400 in 1,000,000
1,500 in 1,000,000
20,000 in 1,000,000
30,000 in 1,000,000
330,000 in 1,000,000
618,060 in 1,000,000

*Check the Pick and Spin’s How To Play page in the app for our most updated pay table odds in the case of any payout discrepancies

Entries with a multiple of 500x or 100x are subject to a payout when only one of the picks hit.

If a pick in an entry results in a tie, then the multiple for the entry will be halved. If an entry features a tie and a loss then it will not be subject to a payout.

If the entry results in 2 ties or a single cancellation then the entry will be refunded.

The multiplier for each Pick & Spin entry is determined independently using an RNG, or random number generator. Any previous spins done by users will not determine the outcome of future spins.

Other Rules

Pick & Spin is available in all of the following states:

· Alaska, Arkansas, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin.

Pick and Spin entries are subject to their own restrictions. The max entry fee per entry, max picks per entry, and entry fee limit per choice are subject to change over time for promotional reasons or other purposes as part of our discretion. However, if an entry is submitted before a change to the previously mentioned limits, it will be scored under the pre-changed conditions.

Scoring and stat correction rules for Pick and Spin entries are the same as other contests in the app.

Any first entry made in Pick & Spin is subject to our No Sweat First Entry rules.

For more information review the general How To Play Pick ‘Em rules and our Terms of Service.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact